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Jan 17, 2009
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Greetings folks. This note is from Jim Flis, IGNITE Foundation, (*not* from FlisKits) :)

I am a member of the Board of Directors for the INGITE Foundation (Innovative Ground Networking in Technology Education) and our Director (Becky Cross) is looking for one or two web volunteer to take responsibility to maintain a couple of pages on our web site.

The main web site is at: https://www.ignitefoundation.org/index.html

The pages that need to be created/maintained are:

Ingredients This will be a continually growing list of web links to help educators and youth groups find things with regard to technology education. This would include things such as model and HPR companies, NASA, other aerospace companies, astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc, etc. The volunteer would be free to recommend sites but most of the data would be provided to you. You would simply have to creat the page, maintain it and upload it once it (and changes) have been approved by Becky or myself.

The Ingredients page can be found at: https://www.ignitefoundation.org/ingredients.html

Whats Cookin This will be a clalendar of sorts that will also have an archive. This page will list, by date, region and topic, events that are happening around the country (and perhaps the world) that have to do with technology education. As an example, the Weather Conference and GIS Day that I recently attended would be on such a list/calendar. This could also include any/all NAR/Tripoli events, shuttle and other launches, etc. As with Ingredients, the volunteer could suggest events that they are aware of but most of the content would be provided.

What's Cookin can be found at: https://www.ignitefoundation.org/whatscookin.html

Fund Raising This page has already been created, but we will need someone to take over maintinance of this page.

Fund Raising can be found at: https://www.ignitefoundation.org/fundraising.html

For the two pages that need to be created there will be some level of time commitment on the onset to get the page created and ready to publish. After that it becomes a maintinance issue and the time requirements will drop off.

If you review the site, you will see that it is "branded". By that I mean that the site already has a look/layout based upone their logo and color scheme. No "website" formating is needed or desired. We simply need some help to get some important information into one place for all to take advantage of.

The IGNITE Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 public corporation. We currently don't have the funds to get this information created and uploaded and hope that we can find some folks who would like to be involved in this important work.

If interested, please respond here or drop me a line and I will put you in touch with Becky Cross.

Thank you, we now return to our regularly scheduled program :)

What web editor are you using? I know kids at my school who have completed certain classes often design, and update/maintain websites for non-profit organizations. The kids were exposed to both Frontpage and Dreamweaver, but mostly Dreamweaver.
I don't know what editor they use it doesn't look like front page though. i doubt that it would matter much. html is html after all... :)
To add more information:

The hope with the Ingredients page is that it would grow to encompass all technology topics, perhapse with categories that a user could click through.

The goal is that this would be a good, current one-stop-shop for people of all disciplines to find links of interest or importance to them.

Rocketeers would, for example, find links on rocket companies, national organizations, space related displays such as museum displays, space launches and the like

An astronomer would find links to telescope companies, observatories and local/regional clubs.


The "What's Cookin'" page would lead you to events in your local area/region on topics that interest you. For us, local launches would be a good example of what this could hold. Also national rocketry events. For those with other interests they could find out about air shows, astronomy events, local apperances by experts in the field, etc.

The potential is incredible if we can get this worked out. At this time we have sources in dozens of fields that will be providing links and helping us to keep this up to date. We will also be gathering more resources as time goes on with the intent of making both of these lists as complete as possible.