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hornet driver

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May 1, 2011
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Any of you been to the Cold War Museum in Lancaster? I saw their MI-24/25 fly over not long ago--low/low--and yes, it beats the air into submission!! The web site is marginal at best--do they have an open house? ,airshow? I see there is also a CAF museum at the same airport. Any info would be appreciated. I'm considering a day trip this spring if it's worth fighting the bloody traffic !!--H
I have not been to the Cold War Museum per say, but I did attend the "Warbirds on Parade" put on by both the CWM & CAF DFW Wing. :cool: Yeh, their web site leave much to be desired. :mad: I would contact them both to find out upcoming events. the "Warbirds on Parade" is a fun event. Not an Airshow, but a fun "Fly In" with a car show. Here are some of my images from that event last Sept. Love the GOAT :cool: