ideas for MMX conversions?

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Not unless you would like to do 100 MMX static motor tests :D

Over in the UK there are free gifts going in ceareals. This month is Thunderbirds 'pen tops' and I got Thunderbird #1 . The small hole where you put the top of your pen looks awfully like 6mm ;) Even though it's made of solid rubber , a bit of hollowing and you've got a smart looking MMX rocket,
Ohh did I mention these things would be _Built_Like_A_Tank_ ?

Being rubber afterall , the only thing to damage them is heat :)
I have to agree with Karl; at 1/16 in wall they are WAY to thick and thereby Heavy for any useful purpose with micors. T-3 tubing is .375" od with .013" wall makes a nice size for micro downscales with T-2+ to T-3 fibre centering rings. These little 2" long things... I just can't forseen any good use Powder...I'd say save your money for something a little more useful;)