Ideas for Enerjet 1340 clone - plastic tube coupler

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Tramper Al

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Dec 31, 2013
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I'd like to build a fairly low tech Enerjet 1340 clone, using Eliminator parts and other BT-56 pieces. It is supposed to have a plastic tube coupler separating the main body tube from the payload section, with roughly 0.10" exposed. (See attached pdf).
The only thing I am really finding in the late model Estes universe are a couple of BT-56 couplers found in E2X rockets like the Helicat or Amazon. They have a short exposed section as well as a small launch lug ring (which I would remove).
Any other ideas? Something from BT-55 (the Mix and Match kit seems to have some)? I could build up something with cardboard for aesthetics, but I'd rather have a functional plastic coupler if possible.