Ideas for a small business...


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Jul 14, 2004
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I have some interest in selling some specialty items.

Would there be any interest in any of the following:

1) Small composite tubes (24, 29mm)

2) Some equipment for making composite fins (basically wood/metal with some reusable plastic covering)

3) Fibreglassing lathe plans (and possibly a few parts)

4) Kevlar Shock Cords (stuff from 50lb-400lb tensile strength, long lengths)

Just some ideas I have kickking around in my head. I think #4 is the most feasible plan cuz I know where to get large quantities very cheaply.

For the kevlar, could u say the strengths you would be interested in? I could always sell the kevlar to another rocket company.

Any company interested in buying some kelvar thread rather cheaply and in larger quantities? (300+yards)

Thanks guys!