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Jun 30, 2010
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Hey all ,
After a good few weeks of debating wether or not I should start to run a small rocketry shop , at 1:48am this morning I came to the conclusion that I will go ahead with it . The shop will stock mainly small items for a while until the buisness gets up and running. Hopefully I will start to produce my own kits of OOP rockets that arn't available any more. In the future I hope to have motors , kits from other brands , and a few homemade items , ranging from 'chutes of all materials , custom made centering rings for those that lack the power tools or time , hand turned nosecones of any dia and material on request and motor igniton acsessories , controllers , clip-whips ect. In the future I would also like to carry a wide range of airframe & motor tubing the the keen scratch builder , or just for repairs. My first idea was to open a small shop here on TRF but with all the competition out there , I wouldn't dream it possible. But of course , before I go ahead , I need feedback , ideas , and money to invest in this project have in mind. Ohh and a name for the shop ;)
Kits of OOP rockets is music to our ears, I'm sure. Now if these are scale kits, I'll really be excited!

Yep OOP is what I want to specialise in . But I need to speak to a few vendors to get a view of what it is all about first.
Opening a new shop, eh? :) If you need bulk amounts amounts of custom cut rings or fins or vinyl decals, just shoot me an email! My TARC team is looking for some work! All profits go to our team for the TARC competition next year. We can get you prices 20-50% off of those larger custom stores such as Balsa Machining, etc.! Send my an email at [email protected] if you would like some quotes.
You'll need the following items in order to be successful rocketry vendor (though I don't consider myself an expert).

1.) Bottle of asprin (Get the large size)
2.) First Aid kit for shop. (learn to suture)
3.) Marriage counsler (Yellow pages...start from the back and work forward...their not as busy)
4.) If you got to church, a direct line to your priest, pastor or rabbi (sp?) I keep more than one on hand at all times.
5.) Staples "earn as you burn" card
6.) Picture of wife and you can remember who they are.
7.) Calander...because you'll constantly ask, "What day is this?"
8.) Get a cat or dog if you don't have one already...they come in handy when brainstorming. All they do is listen.
9.) Small refrigerator. (Caffienated drinks only)
10.) Two clocks. Why two? Because if you only have one, you'll swear it's always fast.
11.) Have someone call you and remind you that it's Saturday OR Sunday. Sorry, only one day off...if that!:D

Ahhhh. Yep...I would do it all again in a minute!:D :D