ID for Quest T-40 body tube

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Jul 6, 2003
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Does anyone know the inside diameter of the Quest T-40 body tube? It's not listed on Ninfinger. I'm converting a Big Betty to 24mm, so I'll be needing to get a few custom centering rings made. :D

since all the Quest body tubes have a .020" wall thickness on the ninfinger listing, assuming that is still true, a T40 tube is 1.575" OD so the ID would be 1.535" .. but I guess you already may have assumed this but want to be 10% sure?

email Quest at :

[email protected] or check:

or call at:
Monday -Friday
Thanks shockie! I good info! I pulled the T-40 tube and compared the thickness to the T-35 tube, and they are the same. Nah, I didn't want to make any assumptions (but I never thought about comparing thicknesses either), but you helped a great deal. Time to make that order now! Painting season is almost in full swing! Time to build this rocket!