I was at the hobby shop today....

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That Darn College Student
Mar 18, 2012
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So I am at my local hobby shop picking up quite a few rocket motors in preparation for our club's up coming launch. I heard they had a 50% off everything Estes sale.

After browsing the rockets they had for sale, and picking up some other stuff I needed, I went to the register to pay for my motors.
The cashier was this GORGEOUS blonde lady, who easily was a 10/10. She looked at what I put on the register and said "Strip down facing me."

I make a mental note to complain to NAR and TRA about the crazy people and what they are making us do just to get motors for our rockets. For god's sake... it seems like they think we're going to start a war or something. But hey, with how hot she was, I wasn't going to argue. I did just as she instructed.
[FONT=arial, sans-serif]When all the hysterical shrieking and alarms stopped and the police took off the handcuffs, I was informed she was referring to how I should swipe my credit card on the card reader.[/FONT]
I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future. I should learn to stop taking things so literal from now on.

(Stolen and slightly modified from the NAR facebook page)
LMAO! Too bad it's not the real deal. At my age ,I'd be happy to have someone talk dirty to me!