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Dec 30, 2003
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Look at the attachment...it pretty much speaks for itself. Note: the nose cone was actually yellow before this flight.....Ill try to post more pics of it later. Suprisingly, the rocket only suffered a body tube failure (LOC IROC), and with a copular, should be flying again soon (and, of course, a nose cone!)
I'm in the same boat here with my upscale Der Red Max. I'm glad it was never painted. Only the first 3" of tubing is kinked. A nosecone fits in the top of the rocket, but extremely tight from the kinked tubing. Check out the nosecone in this picture.
The *only* saving grace here is that I can cut the good part, or part that isn't kinked off, and reused the smaller piece for a boattail or some other cone necessary scratchbuild. It's still a bummer to do something like this. :(
One more comment to solrules ...

Your little mishap looks like it could be used around Halloween to turn your garden gnome into a wizard.

Just a thought, if Jim doesn't come up with something.

Oh, Ji-im ...