I need to de-humidify...HELP!!

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Jul 23, 2002
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All summer it seems like I have way to much humidity in the basement (which is where I work) and it makes everything dealing with paper or paper products a real pain.

Can anyone recommend a decent de-humidifier?

(800 square feet)
I have one from Sears that works just fine. Checkout Sears.com for details.
I finished off my basement 2 years ago and I bought a Whirlpool at Best Buy for about $120.

It works GREAT!

It takes about a half a gallon of water out of the air a day.

We got a Whirlpool at Walmart last year when our basement flooded and it can pull out *a lot* of water. It also makes a lot of noise and pumps out a lot of heat but I think that's pretty standard.
Same here. I purchased mine at Wal Mart and it works great!! Cost about $125.00