I need a guinea pig....please..

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Feb 22, 2003
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After spending the last 5 weeks searching for a way to create clear, scaleable vector graphics for the Aeronautica Orion 2 decals, I "think" I may have stumbled upon a method that works using Jasc's Webdraw - makers of Paint Shop Pro.

Since this file is a SVG format, my current Paint Shop Pro can not open it, so I can only save these as a Raster file - which is not clear enough for decals and the like.

I've contacted graylensman via PM since he does have Adobe Illustrator, but I'm wondering if anyone has a software program that can open this SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics).

If so, please let me know, since I can then focus on finding a copy of that program and would be able to make decals from this.

Ok, now the guinea pig part..8)

1) If you would. please D/L the tiny 12.2 kb zipped archive and extract it to your desktop, then double click on the SVG4.svg file. It will open in a browser window and you should see the decals for the Orion 2. Its totally safe and should not cause any problems for your system.

Does it load for you ?

Does it look clean and sharp ?

For those of you that make decals, would these be a good master set to use ?

Many thanks,
I got a .svg file into my computer but could not get it open. I got the little pop-up window for 'Open with---' and tried several different readers, but got nowhere. Sorry. Better try someone who knows what they are doing?

Thanks for trying..8)

I'm betting that Adobe's SVG Viewer is what you need to view it then. The file is 2.2 meg in size, which is available here:


But I don't expect anyone to d/l it just to view this. At least I know what the problem is though.

Thanks again for helping. ^5ss
I downloaded it, unzipped it and it loaded with Paint Shop Pro 8 with no problems.

Image clean sharp - yes, but hte right hand side of the box surrounding hte numv=bers was missing - in case that helps
I opened this in illustrator and in explorer with a SVG plug in -

both turned out fine....

I regen'd into a pdf to show you what I saw......

let me know if anything else!
I opened it in Illustrator with no problems either, though saving it out again was an odd thing. I found I had to redraw the yellow box around the numbers.

I also converted all text to outlines to avoid potential font problems.

Lastly, I ran the file through Acrobat to optimize it -my original was 196K in size- and TRF doesn't like files that large :mad: If you want the larger file, send me an e-mail.
First off, my appreciation to everyone for helping out with this project. Really amazing how this community does that for each other. 8)

I've looked at the pdf attachment that El Chubbo did - many thanks for that - which does show the loss of the line on the right side and no yellow color on the bottom 2 decals.

The reason the lines don't show up on the right side is because I imported a blank graphic that had the yellow color and the black outline to save time. WebDraw really works well on text - simple to resize and stretch/skew to properly fit, but apparently it doesn't like to make a jpg file vectored.

So, all I'd have to do (he says with tongue planted firmly in cheek), is "simply" figure out how to make a box and paint it yellow - easier said than done as a vector graphic. lol

At least the text is clear in both pdfs, so Webdraw would work for that.


Many thanks for editing the file and posting it as well. Did you have to add the line to the right side as well ?

I ask only because it sounds as if Adobe Illustrator can handle SVG files fairly easily.

Now that we've got the decas done, and Gordon is making a nose cone for me, all thats left is to take some pics - once I get a camera that actually can do close ups - then the TRFProject will be close to being done.

All thats left is to create the tutorial.

Cheers to everyone. 8)
I opened this file with "The Gimp" under windwos XP. The file opened and was just about recognisable, but the font and individual character spacing were all wrong compared to the other images posted here.

Updated the SVG file, and was able to add the yellow background color and the black lines. Everything should be intact now that their all vectored properly.

Thanks again for all the help and input. 8)

Using my computer at work, I just left-clicked on the unzipped file and it opened right up. No problems at all. I guess I should just do things the simple way and not try to out-smart my computer.