I must be crazy...

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Feb 22, 2003
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ok, maybe insanes a better word....

I just won this at Ebay, and though it wasn't meant to fly in the strictest standard of the word, it sure seems like a possibility.

It might take some work, but boy, seeing this thing go up with custom stacks and ET really makes me think it would be worth the time and trouble.


I'm envisioning covering it with the micro-thin evergreen white plastic, very pliable and easy to cut and shape. Using Maxi-Cure CA - which is perfect for this medium might just give me the strength and not add too much weight.

I'm "almost" seeing a Cluster of D12s....

If all else fails, I'll still have a showroom quality model to be the center of my display case. 8)

Silverleaf -

Richard Pitzeruse started doing this same kit, he
hasn't updated his website in a long, long time
though -


He might be a good source for tips, ideas, etc. (if
to ask if he ever re-started the project).

...you might even be able to fit some of the newer,
micro-RC equipment inside one of these. I haven't
heard of anyone actually flying one, though - it may
not be aerodynamically 'right', since it was designed
as a display model.

Yeppers, I had a moment where my brain said.." Cool, I can follow in the footsteps of George and really make it realistic".

Then reality set in and I quickly realized I'm suffering from delusions of grandeur. 8(

Then it was, " Hmmm, I can still make the SRB's seperate - use a C motor in them, get Ray Dunakin's booster hardware, main ET has a D motor and voila."

Then I saw the link you posted (great stuff that ^5ss and thanks) and it made me even more aware of the detail this kit has.

Its all good no matter the end result. 8)

Cheers and thanks...