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Jan 18, 2009
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I've fouled up on my Hydra 7. Ive practically finished it (4 more little fins to go) and I found out that none of the outer thrust rings were glued properly! They are now stuck in the motor tubes, and after trying several different methods of hooking them out, I decided to just pour thin CA down the inside of each tube, and now they are all stuck so that a motor goes about 2" into the tube, and you cant get it out easily.

What shall I do? I was thinking cutting expended motor casings, to the right lenghts for a 18mm motor to be sticking out the end enough, and glueing them to the Thrust Rings.

Have you considered using Quest 18mm engines--they are a little thinner and may fit despite the CA. They will fit if Estes motors barely fit. Thrust rings aren't always needed--I usually friction fit my motors with masking tape instead, though it takes a bit of practice before you get good at it.
I also mucked up on my last hydra model in the same area as you. Putting those little things in and glueing them in without moving is a PAIN! . So I used the masking-tape method like someone has mentiond. Rap about 2 layers of the tape around the bottom of the motor . Just under where it says C6-5 ect.