I miss my rockets.

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Jan 20, 2009
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Just reading the forum sulking, Moved to Hawaii and before our household goods arrived I left for deployment, it's been a few months seince I have actually layed eyes on a rocket and I'm jonseing bad.
I miss mine all the time, too............ Then I adjust my aim for the second shot! :D

Actually I miss my original fleet from the '60's that my parents threw out while I was away at college.

Just think about what fun you will have with them when you get back. Many of us back here haven't been out to launch anything in a few months, and will have to wait a few more months to do so because of winter weather. I don't know if this helps any. Rocketry will still be here, all ready for you when you get back home. It's been kind of an interesting year, but the next few will be even more so, and you'll be back for all of them. The really, really great stuff hasn't happened yet, so you haven't missed any of it.