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Mar 27, 2013
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After a year and a half, I can finally afford to buy the materials needed to make the kits that I have, AND actually find them too.

I just got a 4 Oz bottle of Elmer Glue All. I don't have any epoxy still, but I am close to finding it... I think. I talked to Bob Smith yesterday and was told that any 30 minute epoxy should do. A 4 Oz supply of BSI slow cure is $75 USD locally, but Chinese epoxies are far cheaper.

Anybody know what the upper temperature limit of BSI 30 minute epoxy is? Bob didn't say.
Hi Ken,

Thanks for the reply! 180 F... Hmmm 82 C... I might be able to find that.

I've got a Mars Snooper, a Quinstar, and a Goblin that are all capable of being built w/o replacement parts (the Goblin will likely be first). The Part-of-a-zon has parts that have been ordered, and are awaiting a mass shipment from eRockets, and I still need to get a replacement body tube for the Mercury Redstone (as well as glue for it).
It's about time! Does this make you a BAR again? Keep us posted.