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Can you receive XM radio in a B-52? ;)

Sure, just as the crewchief to do it. Doesn't get effected by going through tunnels and overpasses.

Am seriously jealous, I'd love to get a Pioneer Inno so we can use it between vehicles. However the cost of the unit, two vehicles installations, and the monthly fee would easily take this up to around $500.

Oh well next vehicles . . . in the meantime, I do as Fred stated, when on business I ensure the vehicle has it.
Dunnno about a B-52 but it works like a champ in a Jetranger or an MD520 !
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You can pick up all kind of stuff in a Buff. We used to talk on CB radio freqs but people would complain. There is nothing like being above the clutter and pushing 100 W......or so...
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Plenty of used untis on eBay. If you get an XTR8CK (identical to the Starmate 2 but slightly different looking outer jacket and sold in Costco by the hundreds of thousands in the famous 1/9/06 revolution timeframe), there is a known cold solder joint failure mode. It is easy to fix, so if someone is selling one with an alleged power problem or intermittant power problem (when you go over a bump in the car), it is one of the outer feet on the power receptacle where it is surface mounted to the circuit board.

I fixed mine and I fixed a coworkers 2 weeks ago. Mine went after 15 months and his went after over 3 years. They now work perfect.

Easy to move between vehicles and home and lots of parts (antennas, power cords, suction cup mounts, etc.) on eBay.

Newer models are naturally also available on eBay as well. Lots and lots of them.