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My guess like yours is that these are permanent phase outs. I think Pro Series will be done once the current stock is sold. I personally will miss the motors mounts most of all and I hope they remain in production.

But you gotta agree those are some crazy good deals!

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Gee....I was in my local HL yesterday and E16s were their regular price, though I don't recall that I saw -8s. I need to look at the clearance section more closely. There were three Super Neons and an Indicator there when I looked but no motors.
HL got rid of the long delay (-8) and booster (-0) 29mm motors and the booster stages since they were either not selling or being used incorrectly by customers (which would lead to returns/complaints or simply no follow-on sales). They will continue to sell 24mm E9 motors and 29mm E16 and F15 motors with delay times that actually sell consistently. Ditto for the kits that use those motors.

BTW: The E9 motor 3 packs went from 19.99 to 23.99. Still not horrible with 40% off, but not as good a deal. I've bought a lot of the E9-6 and E9-4 packs from HL over the last year and had ZERO failures. I wish they sold the E12 motors....
Went back to HL yesterday - no clearance motors....which just means someone beat me to them. As Fred noted, the F15-0 and E16-8 are gone - no hooks any more. They closed out the PSII booster, so no reason to carry 29mm boosters anymore. They only now carry two 29mm models - the Star Orbiter and the Majestic. The former would be OK on E16-8s but it's also OK on E16-6. E16-8 would be too long a delay for the Majestic. So they have no reason to carry that motor any more either. I think I saw F15-8s. They are a perfect motor for the Star Orbiter.

I agree with Fred also in that I wish HL carried E12s.
I didn't wait for the HL motors to go an additional 40%(40% of 40%) off. I should have though, I bought several Pro Series composites at the double markdown a few years ago. Am waiting for payday to see if the kits at my HL are re-marked lower.
Several years ago I e-mailed HL about selling E12's instead of E9's, using simple reason's why to do so. I did get a "Real" person response.
Visited 3 HL's today.

HL#1 - ProSeries II booster 65% off at $3.59. A couple of level 1 kits marked at 40% off. No motors on clearance.

HL#2 - ProSeries II booster 40% off at $5.99. A couple of level 1 kits marked at 40% off. F15-8's in regular aisle and marked at regular price.

HL#3 - A couple of level 1 kits marked at 40% off. 1 E16-8 marked at 40% off at 14.99. F15-8's in regular aisle and marked at regular price.