I know this is WAY off topic, but this game is driving me nuts.

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May 10, 2011
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I am trying to win Civilization 3 through the "space race" option. I have the ship all built, but I dont know how to luanch it. when there were still pieces remaining there was a little blue button that said launch, but now its gone! Help! BTW, I am in overtime, the year is 2171.... Does that make a difference? And how do I get a settler in that thing... Jeez this is so confusing..... I have finished the ship 3 different times, but I cant launch it. I really wanna win! I could always take my mega ICBM arsenel and blow the two remaining rivals off the globe, but thats too much like cheating. I wanna win through teh space-race. I have already done it all the other ways, I think.... So please help. You know that when I get to posting a new thread over a computer game that I am really desperate. Thanks guys! -Neil
It's only a game, so ..........I would use the weapons of mass destruction !...
Oh, dont worry.... earlier today I saved my game and then nuked the other two contries off the map, just to be mean. It was fun. But now I want to do it with the spaceship, fun as tactical nukes and ICBMs are....

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