I just want to say how nice and civil people are on this forum

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Mar 14, 2009
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I play World of Warships and some people can get quite abusive in the chat feature. The other night the team I was on was losing and one guy just started ranting in chat. It was f this, f that and even Jesus f****** Christ. Then two more guys on the team started with profanity and even someone from the enemy team. So I reported him and yesterday I went to the game forum and said that I thought the language used by players was getting worse.

Most people supported me, but a fair number told me to grow up, quit being a man baby, just get used to it, etc. On rare occasions we have someone rant and rave, but it is quite rare in my experience. And people aren't just nice, they are helpful too.

So I just want to say that it is nice to come here and hang out with nice people.
The ones who aren't get locked up in the basement, never to be heard from again. :wink:

I think that to build rockets, it takes a good bit of commitment, patience, money, know-how, and education. These generally result in a more mature person than the average person who plays video games, especially the patience part. There is also the possibility that if you travel to national events, you will meet some of the people that you "forum" with, whereas that doesn't happen in the video game world. Okay, and let's face it -- the average joker on TRF is over 45.

But it is nice to not have to worry about all that crap on any regular basis.
I'm not a gamer, but the other distinction to draw (in addition to those by BatMite) is that we're rarely in competition with each other, so it tends to be more collaborative. When the incentives are aligned on mutual gain (or at least one-sided gain with no loss to the other), interactions occur in a different way. You're not (usually) out to get me, so my ire stays low. If I'm not inclined to help you, you're met with indifference (I don't reply) instead of active acts of destruction. This isn't true of all technical forums though, so there does seem to be something unique/special about this one that I've reported on too. It's very easy to encounter "super knowledgeable trolls" on other forums who lord their knowledge over the less-skilled. I do not see that here at all, and am very proud to be part of a group like that (and I'm definitely in the group I called "less skilled").
Most people on here a civil. There are some to avoid. But overall this is one of the better places on the internet.
Civility on the internet can be hard to find, especially community forums and gaming servers. It's nice have some places to go where you don't have to worry about encountering extreme behavior. I help admin a gaming serving and one of the things that initially drew me there was the rules regarding behavior and language. It's a pretty intense FPS game and on most servers people get pretty offensive. This one runs with PG level language rules and every day there are comments from players about what a breath of fresh air it is to play on a civil game server. I'm no stranger to foul language and inappropriate comments or jokes - I grew up with very few filters (farm raised lol), but it's still nice to have online places you can go to and enjoy what you're doing without too many surprises.