I flew some rockets today...

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Sep 11, 2002
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Well, I finally had enough free time, and cooperative weather to fly
the some rockets. I drove down to the local HS this afternoon and flew
a few models. After several days of rain, the field was like a wet
sponge, but it was usable.

First up was my trusty Astron Alpha. I think of this as my own
personal sounding rocket, and always launch it first. The results of
my Alpha's flight gives me a pretty good idea of what is going
on 'upstairs'. As the Alpha came down within 20 feet from the
launchpad, I was pretty happy with the slight breeze that was blowing.

Next, I flew two of my new Goony prototypes on their maiden flights:
The Iron Wombat and the 57 Goony. Both performed flawlessly on B6-4s.

Finally, I launched the Delta Katt on 1/2A-2Ts. The first flight
showed me that I had way too much weight in the nose, as it came down
in a pretty steep dive. I removed about 1/3 of the clay and launched
again. This time, there was some improvement, but still too much nose-
weight. The glider was also circling too severely to the left, so I
also removed 1/2 of the wing tip clay. (so much for hand-toss
trimming!!) So I launched again, and again, for a total of 7

All flights were successful except one. On flight 4, a breeze blew up
right at ignition, and the pod launched, leaving the glider behind!
The pod was just a bit more than neutrally stable, so it continued up
to apogee, popped, and came back down. Fortunately, the glider was
undamaged. By flight 7, I had removed almost all of the nose clay,
and was getting a 30 second flight. I am sure that it can do better,
but I will need to buy more 1/2A3-2T motors....

I have to say that I am impressed by this (at least) 35 year old
design. Not only does it actually glide, but it has been pretty
forgiving in the hands of a glider recovery newbie.

It was also a d@%#d good way to spend 1.5 hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon....

I have posted a few launch photos.



When you mentioned the '57 Goony, I pictured the first car I ever owned.... a '57 Chevy.

I must say that the '57 Goony was just way too cool!!

The fins gave it that "stand way, way, way off" '57 Chevy look.

Headers on a rocket, who would have thunk it!

Great job!

OBTW... I liked the other rockets too! :D
Awesome job Phred. Love the exhuast pipes. I really liked the Wolverine (sorry "Gooney" Wombat). How'd you make the nose cone?
Nice pictures. Like the rockets, like the launch pad.
This rocketry thing is kind of fun isn't it?
It's good to be a BAR (said like Mel Brooks saying, "It's good to be the king" from History of the World...).
Nice pack of rockets there...I really like all of those high quality DECALS. Where can one get some of those DECALS?

Thanks Guys....

My first car was a 57 Chevy too.... That is EXACTLY what I was going for with the fin decals. The pic is not too detailed, but the fin is striped to look like the brushed Bel-Air tail insert of the 57.

The Iron Wombat nosecone is made from a Deuce's Wild nose, cut and re-glued.

Tha launch pad is my heavy-duty verion of the old tilt-a-pad. I call it a quadra pad, and built it from scrap wood. It has an 8x12 base, with 4 10" adjustable legs, and can handle just about any rocket up to 4" in diameter.

Of course, once I get the website re-done, the GOONY decals and patterns/instructions will be available.

Originally posted by astronboy
The launch pad is my heavy-duty verion of the old tilt-a-pad. I call it a quadra pad, and built it from scrap wood. It has an 8x12 base, with 4 10" adjustable legs, and can handle just about any rocket up to 4" in diameter.


I'm going to borrow your design. I like it. I'm going to try to make the legs a little longer, though. :) So I don't have to bend over so far!
Yes, longer legs would help, but would prevent the pad from folding as nicely..

Start with a 8x12 piece of wood. I had some 3/4" pine just lying around. I screwed two 2x3 rails lengthwise, and used drilled 4 holes for the leg bolts.

I also screwed a 2x3 block about 4" long, laid flat under the center of the pad, Then I drilled a 1/8" hole and a 3/16" hole about 1/2 " either side of center. (launch rod holes)

then I made the legs, drilled holes, and attached them with bolts and thrumbscrews so the whole thing fold up flat, legs under the pad.

That's what I thought I'd do.
Might make it just a hair longer to get longer legs. Like you say, it's nice that they fold up like that!