i didn't have to hike-ro to recover my micro

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May 2, 2009
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i launched my micro-powered version of TriAgain

only one motor lit, so it barely got off the launch rod, kind of hung in the air at eye level for an instant, then fell rudely to the grass where the ejection charge went off...


i think i'll use a micro-sized launch rod to reduce friction on takeoff also...

i'm getting tired of misfires with my clustered rockets...i picked up a lb. of FFFFg the other day, so i think i'll try flashpan ignition, or at least enhanced pyrogen (igniter, then a little bp, then the plug)ignition...
I tried to warn you, in the other thread about clustering micros:) .. if you like toasting the bottom of your models go ahead with flash pans.. they just don't appeal to me at all.

Cluster ignition is as much an art form as science, but it's a discipline that requires some work for consistant success. Please take a few minutes to read a tech-tip on BP clustering in the library section of Narhams.org It should help you with BP motor clusters up to 8 or 10. I will tell you clustering Micros is even harder due to the lighter liftoff weights and tiny nozzle throats. One hint is to go back to the "before dirt" days of rocketry. bare Nichrome (34gage) tamped in place with a WEEE tiny piece of flameproof wadding and held firmly with a bit if masking tape. Some extra slack in the clipwhip will also do wonders as first motion on micros happens very very fast. It's usually first motion that disengages the remaining ignitors from the motor(s) causing cluster failure.
Hope this helps a little
Out of curiosity, do any of you guys use regular Estes ignitors with MMX motors? I bought a MMX starter set at Toys R Us and the ignitors that came with it were junk. The Estes ignitors worked just fine. Maybe that would help with the ignition failures???

personally no I don't I make all my own igniters, and have for a long time.
However many of my Micro-Maxxing buddies use Estes ignitors all the time. You have to look for the ones with little or no pyrogen on the bridge wire but they will fit if your careful not to push to hard shorting the wires against each other.

Quest is coming out with a new igniter shortly that will work for both standard motors and Micro-Maxx. keep an eye out they should be released soon.
I've only built one MMX, and have had no problem at all with the ignitors provided in the motor packaging.

I've had great luck with the stock igniters using 12v or a 'well tuned' stock launcher with the proper 9v battery. micromister tested batteries and found the best. I hope he'll chime in since I forget the brand. By 'tuning, I mean getting the right battery and keeping the internal clips clean.
with just a tiny bit of pyrogen, but i must have shorted them when inserting 'em.

i use an 18V Black & Decker battery from my cordless drill

i was surprised at how powerful those little motors are! for one motor to lift all 3 motors and the heavy (relatively) rocket...just amazing...


i'm not thinking so much of flash pan, as filling the nozzle ends of the motors with BP then a small shot of spray mount adhesive to hold things in place, and an ignitor taped to the bottom of the motors to ignite the bp.

it's definitely harder with these little guys than it is with a normal sized rocket motor.
the battery tests Dick refered to showed the enigizer E2 is ONE hot little 9v. out performed my refered Duracell ultra by almost 4 times..
The little plug in igniters are OK for single motor use, I find if you trim the excess paper from both sides of the plug before inserting in the Silo base it makes removal much easier. Dick is also right on about keeping the internal contacts clean with a little rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. The contacts get gunky very fast.

Be careful Rob:
I Catoed 2 of 3 MM-II motors in a cluster I tried doing the same thing with pyrodex powder. Just filled the nozzle with a few grains each and BOOM! I think they somehow overpressurized instantly..Made a mess out of a nice little model:(
I blew the nozzle on a MMX motor using a modified flash pan - the pan was masking tape covered in BP.

have you had any successes with that method, or only the one try?

luckily my rockets seem to fly pretty well on two-motor ignition.
thanks to whoever recommended taping the forward ends of cluster motors!
I've only tried it twice and each time all 3 motors lit. I also filled the MMX nozzle with BP before laying on the flash tape. The second flight didn't perform so well and I later noticed one motor had blown its nozzle...er...maybe I should say I blew its nozzle :)