I always thought the Onyx wasn't big enough...

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Aug 5, 2002
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I was looking at my Onyx and thought "It's just not big enough."

So I decided to make it a little bit big, and even bigger eventually. 4" seemed like a good size since I had spare tubing laying around, along with a nosecone. A little G-10 and plywood and I can make a rocket!

From left to right in the pic:
38mm fiberglass tube for electronics in the nose
LOC 3.9" Nosecone
LOC 3.9" Body tubing, 17" long with a layer of 4oz. glass.
38mm x 7.5" phenolic motor tube
(3) 1/16" G10 fiberglass fins

Still missing the centering rings for the motor mount and nosecone, and recovery materials. I will keep updating!
Dontcha just love it when parts for big rockets are just "lying around?" Heck...dontcha just love it when parts for ANY rocket are just lying around?

I sure do! :D :D

You should tell LOC about this, Dan...they'd like it a lot! Looks good...can't wait to see more pix!

Construction is coming along nicely. I made the centering rings and glued on the top one.

Here is a pic of the glued CR and the forged eyebolt recycled from my old Magnum.
I also cut fin slots in the tube. The motor is recessed about 1/2" into the tube in order to help out with stability a little. A coupler will be put in the end to prevent crimping.

I am pretty happy with how the glass came out on the tube. Looks pretty good.
More work done...tacked the fins on with 5 minute epoxy.
Here it is next to my original Onyx, which hasn't flown in over a year...has to have at least 15 flights on it. Hopefully the bigger Onyx will have a long life, as well.
The nosecone will be this rockets altimeter bay, mainly for recording purposes. When I get into experimental motors, this will most likely be the test rocket. An altimeter will be used then for deployment.

This unit consists of a scratch fiberglass tube, 2 1/4" CR's and a LOC nosecone. A 1/4-20 forged eyebolt has been recycled from my Magnum, and a t-nut is used for retaining the electronics sled.
Here is what it will look like when glued, this is just a dry fit...

This will be flown at LDRS on an H123W or H242T, then maybe on one of the new I600R's. We'll see.

Any suggestions? Comments?
Dang...that's purty, Dan.

Nothing like a simple 3(or 4)FNC rocket to wind you down from a complex project like that Magnum, huh?

Yea Jason, it is a good break:) Thanks for the kind words!

Here is the nosecone all glued. Tomorrow I will finish up internal fillets and then put on the rear CR and coupler reinforcement.

No comments or suggestions? How about a name or color scheme?
Fillet is done, so I glued on the rear CR. It is recessed 1/2" into the tube, so a 1/2" long piece of coupler was then glued in to prevent crimping. Here it is being clamped tight to the body.
Once the rear CR and coupler were dry, I poured an epoxy well in the rear to make it look nice. The screw was covered in grease before the epoxy was poured.

I'm disappointed to say that the I600R's are only being sold for Bowling Ball lofts, so no I600 at LDRS. I might fly it on a J420R or J350W instead, we'll see...

I'll just keep posting pics, advice or comments welcome...
With the rear CR epoxy well cured, I moved on and filled the seams with Bondo. I really like working with Bondo, easy to apply, easy to sand and smells good!
I also finished the nosecone. Wal Mart 99 cent grey (or is it gray?) primer, then Duplicolor Gloss White. Came out pretty good, Duplicolor is my favorite paint out there!
For recovery duties, a slight used (and burned) 30" Spherachute I had lying around. I will use all 1/8" Tubular Kevlar from Pratt Hobbies for a shock cord, and will purchase that at LDRS.

Still need to pour an epoxy well on the top CR, and then begin filling and painting...tell me what ya think...
Dan, looks like it's coming along great! The nose paint looks like it came out very nice. Jason's right, this should be a simple prep, entertaining flight rocket.
Here she is with her entirely white undercoat. The body tube and fins will be getting a color coat of Duplicolor Metallic Blue. Should be cool!

The finish is not too good, but this is a flier, not a museum piece;)
This is my Altimter sled. It has a Missile Works battery holder, a Missile Works rotary switch, and my new Perfectflite MAWD altimeter. A nice little unit, looking forward to testing it.

Now I need to drill a hole for an electric match and I should be set to fly, apart from setting up the recovery system.
Well, she's done and ready for flight...look for her at LDRS.

Wish I could have had a little more input...

Here's a Rocksim with possible motors.
looks good man, I dont know where you get all this stuff, or time to build it but I am jelous. What am i saying I have rockets laying everywhere.

looks good I like it
Originally posted by DPatell
Wish I could have had a little more input...

I guess it's just that nobody likes you, Dan.

Just kidding! :p I hope the altimeter thing works out for you... it's very intriguing how you did the pressure ports, I'm thinking I might have to steal the idea if it works.
Well I'm impressed. I still don't quite understand all the steps of HPR, but I'm learning. I like the paint scheme. How about a similiar crackling like your original? Name... How 'bout 'Roc-n-Roll'
Onyx is a rock and it sure is gonna roll w/that J whatever your planning on using. Just my 2 cents, wish somebody around here built this kinda stuff so I could come over and watch and learn.