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Sold Hypertek Tanks, Bell, J Reloads, and Tie Straps

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SMT Designs
Jul 17, 2017
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Kenmore, WA
I have some Hypertek hardware and reloads for sale. I purchased them years ago and never managed to get access to the GSE required for them. They have been sitting in a box in the shop for quite awhile and I have decided that I will not need them to sit around anymore...

Four HT-J-FG reloads
One 300ml tank
One 440ml tank with bell housing
One unopened package of fifty HyperTek tie straps

I think the tanks and bell are new. I just don't what they look like when they have been used. The reloads have definitely not been used... :)

Make a reasonable offer... buyer will need to pay actual shipping costs. I can do PayPal for the transaction or a check, but it would have to clear before I would ship.

I live in the Seattle, Washington area.


Best regards, Steve Thatcher


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