Hughes AGM-124A ??

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Feb 6, 2010
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Hughes AGM-124A Wasp

I've been looking all over for some more information on this missle. Anyone know more about it? Have more photos? I would like to build something along this line.


Not much about this round ,did not go into production/program was terminated.Was to be used as an anti-tank round launched from aircraft via cluster munitions dispenser.

Leng = 5 feet
Diam = 8 "
wing span = 20"

The wings folded so as to fit into the dispenser.Looks rather much like a Phoenix/Maverick missile except for radome shape and forward fin tip shape.

Pretty cool none the less.

PS- Is that Pat Boone fondling that rocket ?

There are literally tons of old weapon design studies out there, most of which you will never hear of. Probably at least 100 paper weapons for every one that actually gets built.

Perfect example of an obscure missile that has almost no documentation: the Convair Pye Wacket air-air missile. This one was named after a cat (Pyewacket) in the Jimmy Stewart-Kim Novak movie "Bell Book and Candle"

I dare you to find five pictures of it,_Book_and_Candle_(film)