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Sep 21, 2009
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On the back of the newsest Sport Rocketry Magazine there is the Oracle rocket from Estes, it takes video of the launch, looks really cool, but I figured, take the video camera on mount it on a High Powered rocket, now I haven't bought the Oracle yet, so this is just a wild idea:) would this idea work? I'm thinking it would
Probably, but knowing estes, their camera will probably be pretty crappy. If you are looking for a download camera, go on ebay and look at those pencams. They can be found for like $20 or for downlink get like a 800mw camera. Go to low power forum and click on Quest Icarus questions started by bcdlr. The was a lot of talk on these cameras with links. I currently have 7 camera rockets, 6 of which are video rockets. If you have any questions, just PM me and I will send you some stuff about all my video camera rockets. Good luck!
I don't have experinece in camera rockets but I found at Radio Shack two cameras for $30 Canadian. No bigger than 1.5 inches in any direction and one has a usb port to download pics. Sorry, can't remember the name.
Walmart has em' for like 50 bucks. I got one with the complete package off Ebay for 10.