HPR certification using off-the-shelf fincans

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Jun 1, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I was just clicking around The Rocketry Forum, and I came upon a thread entitled "Tripoli prohibition on the use of 3d printed fin cans for L3 certification."

I am L1 certified by NAR. Someday I would like to go for L2 certification, although I have no current plans to do so. I did my certification on a Minie-Magg that had nothing to do with any kind of fincan. I epoxied the three fins into place according to the LOC/Precision instructions. If you wish, you may see photographs of me and my rocket on TRF.

Still, I found the thread regarding 3d-printed fincans interesting, and it aroused my curiosity regarding fincan rules.

Apparently, Giant Leap Rocketry sells 38 mm and 54 mm "one-piece injection-molded fin canisters" manufacted by Acme. I am quoting from the two-page PDF posted on GLR's website. Perhaps other rocketry companies sell the same thing or something similar -- I don't know.

I would please like to know the NAR rules for HPR certification.

If a rocketeer constructed one's rocket with an off-the-shelf fincan -- like the one manufactured by Acme -- would the NAR allow that for L1, L2, and L3 certification?

Thank you.


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