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Sep 23, 2012
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Hi- is anyone here aware of any sort of comprehensive list of high power launches? I would like to think I could plan a rocket launch tour for the future. Thanks
sounds like a tall order- any part of the country you're looking at?
The National Events and Regional or Local Event threads on TRF are the best I've found. I think most clubs are like mine, we don't set a schedule until just before the season and in our case, the season is October to April. Our schedule will be coming out in July or August.
Thanks Handeman- I guess I never scrolled down far enough on the TRF home page to see the local and regonal headings. Will check that out.
Best I could tell you is to start with the NAR and TRA web sites, find the links to local clubs, visit local clubs' web pages. Make a spreadsheet for yourself, and then why not post it here?
The sticky is good for the links to the clubs. I hasn't been updated since 2015, but most of the links should get you to the club sites for current dates.