howto: thinning Nitrate Dope

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Originally posted by shockwaveriderz
Just got some SIG Nitrate Dope.....what should I use to thin it?

I saw this at the Penn Valley Hobby site...
Recommended for thinning SIG Supercoat Butyrate Dope, Lite-Coat Butyrate Dope, Flat-Coat Butyrate Dope, Sanding Sealer, and Nitrate Dope

SIG-SD025 4 oz. Thinner 3.09 2.91
SIG-SD066 8 oz. Thinner 4.85 4.51
SIG-SD106 Pint Thinner 6.20 5.70
SIG-SD146 Quart Thinner 10.49 9.56

Here is the link
.....and they have 32mm reloadable casings in stock. Now I just have to find a few G12s, which they ran out of.