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Andy Greene

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Jan 11, 2013
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Lets hear it, This is my latest scratch build from my parts pile - The paint job changed times 5x over and Im sure its heavier than it needs to be :lol: Thinking D12-8 Central and a 2x B6-0
I tried to get a little funky with the paint - what do you guys think ??
When my pics go sideways, I open them up, rotate them a few times, then save it. Re-uploading will get the new metadata for orientation.
Looks nifty. I wouldn't mind seeing a back view, I can't quite figure out the configuration of the fin can from the given pics.

What yellow is that?
The pods are thru wall as well as the fins and papered, three centering rings- the rear of the pod mounts share the aft end of the fins CR.

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Its faaar from perfect- It was all taped , and sprayed and taped and cussed and fixed and taped and - lol
Cool design. Is there a third pod or is it asymmetric?

Roll patterns are awesome, and they're great practice for masking. I got super frustrated doing masking for the first time on my L1 rocket (sig VV)