How's Aerotech doing?

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Feb 13, 2004
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While I'm on the subject of motor makers;Does anyone know how Aerotech is getting along now?I've noticed that a lot of their stuff is rather spotty at best when it comes to availability.I know about the explosion and the buyout but haven't heard anything since.Any news?
They are managing to get stuff shipped to Canada. That's a good improvement over nothing a few months ago
best news is that all your favorite motors are getting back in production. 18mm, 24mm, 54mm C slot ... everything.

we saw a bunch of K185s launched at XPRS. that's gotta be my new favorite motor.
I've blasted some stuff off on some F21s. Great to have MPR back.
at first I couldn't figure out what F21s were good for but now I understand. Big Daddy does really good on F21-6. we ran out of F21-6s at XPRS flying "Totenkopf's Ark", which we built after seeing Sky Captain.

I have a couple F21-8s which I am saving for a minimum diameter. bye bye!

at ALRS V Gary Rosenfield showed some pictures(of the fire and the production and these things) and he said they would be at 60% of their production rate before the fire and they would like to be on 100% next year...

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