How'd everyone make out?

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May 31, 2017
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I know we are all dying to see what everyone got rocketry-wise - so post up!

Blueberry Formula 98
Big Daddy (will be 29mm)
Loki 38/240

2 years ago I decided to try the 12V Milwaukee cordless tools..
I have the 18 and 20V Dewalt tools that I really love and have had for many years..
But sometimes you don't need all that power and a smaller, lighter tool in your hand would be a pleasure..
I've been really happy with the Milwaukee 12V.. I just have the impact drill and the chucked / regular drill..
I always have the drill and a bit index with me at launches, they're in my big tool tote / tub..
A few times I needed a moto tool at a launch and didn't have one..
My wife got me the Milwaukee 12V moto tool and a bit assortment so I will have it in my tool tub at launches...

Rocketry/space? From a galaxy far far away? No rocketry stuff, but here's to the fiction portion of Outer Space.

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There's a dirty joke hidden in that title, I just know it.

I got computer parts, college attire, a Loki H90, and some gift cards.
Got more 54mm mandrels and caps from Tru-Core and a GPS Tracker. Got to figure out how to make it work...

Rocksim, AT 38/360 & 720 cases, Altimeter 2, Loc Nuke Pro Max, AT D10-5 (for my Estes Mercury Redstone), electric smoker, cologne. Santa was pretty nice this year.
Family decided to facilitate my rocket addiction, ended up with a total of $80 worth of Hobby Lobby gift cards for motors.
Lego Saturn V, Semroc Starship Vega, Sprite, and Farside X. Estes Nike Smoke. Now my weekends will be tied up for a while!

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I got an Estes Odyssey. The large bodytube is crushed down to an egg shape. The balsa and fiberboard are warped really badly. Normally I would try to fix warped balsa but with the crushed tube and other warped pieces, it's not gonna happen. Bummer. Now waiting to see what Estes will do about it. They have always been good about replacing things.

And I got a 3DR radio to provide telemetry with my Eggtimer or RRC3.
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What kinda tracker is that?


It is a GPS Tracker TK102B. It is a GPS tracker that uses a SIM card (cell service) to track down the location on the tracker. Bad news is that is required a sim card so I would need to use a friends phone to actually track it down. I would use the SIM card from my phone to install into the unit. Good news is once installed and ready to go you call it, it replied back with a "Leave a Voice Mail" remark to turn the unit on. Once on you launch the rocket. Once landed you send it a text with a code and it fires back with the coordinates overlaid onto Google Maps. That is the theory, definitely not made for that but going to try. Would need a good signal where ever I launch. Only like $30. Yea, there are risk. It is using your sim card unless you want to pay for a separate service. If it lands somewhere you either cannot find (or top of a very tall lost you phones brain...definitely a risk...
Only rocket related items I received were the items from the SS... Still no clue who had my name, but they did an awesome job!


But my wife did get me a Age Your Own Whiskey kit... maybe some 110 proof rocket fuel?

The only directly rocketry related stuff that I received was an Estes Mercury Redstone and the Estes Shuttle Express.

I was gifted A total of $100 cash that will soon be converted to rocket stuff though:D
Someone paid attention to a casual remark and I got a Dremel 4000; I can finally retire my ancient 380's. Constant torque at last! But other than that the elves were under strict orders not to get me "stuff" this year.
ThatÂ’s all you wantedÂ…

Steve Shannon

Maybe there's a kick arse side story of how he was John Wayne style punching mean people at a bar and then his teeth got knocked out.

Dude missed his two front teeth.
Madcow Nike Apache, Missileworks T3 GPS system, and this coffee mug. Woohoo!


Very nice! Glad everyone had Merry Christmas and got some fun stuff. Now comes scrounging up enough money to actually build the Formula... :rolleyes: