How To: use of mass and mass overide in Rocksim

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Aug 2, 2009
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Mattoon, IL
Can someone please tell me how to use this feature? For example, I try putting in weights of things I personally way and the mass goes back to whatever. Just want to be accurate with my component weights, not what is calculated by Rocksim. Must be in the settings but I cannot figure it out. I can't make any sense at all out of the Rocksim "Help" manual. Thanks.
Have not used Rocksim, but in Open Rocket it is pretty simple. Double click on the component (e.g., Nose Cone) to open the dialog box. In the box, Override is the third tab from the left. Click on Override, check Override Mass, enter the desired weight, then click Close. Rocksim must be similar. Good luck!
First make sure mass overide is not on for the complete rocket. Then in the component list click on your component, edit, enter the weighed mass in the overide section, make sure you have overide checked. The calculated mass will remain the same, but the over all mass will change(total rocket mass) according to the mass you entered.