How to mount altimeter sled to single threaded rod in nose cone?

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Feb 10, 2017
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Does anyone have suggestions/pics on how to mount a plywood altimeter sled in a nose cone with a single threaded rod (see photo)? I know that when there are 2 rods the sleds are usually attached with wire ties, is it OK to do the same here?Tomahawk NC.jpg
I would build a sled with a tube/tubes on the bottom for the rod to slide through; and attach the sled to the bulkhead, using small aluminum angle, to keep the sled from spinning around. Then it comes up with the bulkhead and you don't have to reach down in there to fiddle with wire tires. I never use wire ties to attach the sled.
Thanks Mikey, how do you attach the tubes to the sled?
How about ditching the allthread somewhat?

This is 54mm. It let me put telemetry in the NC without affecting the antenna tuning too much.

Note the extent of how the threads are connected to the sled. Would probably be OK with plywood also. Just think about how the threads are attached.
That looks sweet. I was wondering if the allthread would de-tune the antenna.
I mounted an Eggfinder on 2 pieces of G10. Fits in a 54mm NC. As far as attenuation, haven't had any problems yet and have recovered rocket as far as 0.8 miles away down in LaBelle.

Thanks Mikey, how do you attach the tubes to the sled?

I'd tack it with wood glue if the materials would allow. If not, I'd use 5 minute epoxy. Then use a epoxy with filler for fillets or what not to give it good hold.