How to link the Pepcoded.daf to ProPep 3

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Atila Amorim

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Nov 5, 2018
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Hello everyone,

Happy to become a member of this forum.

Lately I've been working on my thesis in order to graduate in Mechanical Engineering at a university in Brazil.

I investigate the role of some additives in the combustion of four sugar solid propellants.

I finished the experimental part of the work but I need to make an analysis of the theoretical combustion equations. For that purpose I'm trying to use the ProPep 3.

Unfortunately I'm finding some problems. First, the results are illogical. I have compared my results with those obtained by Nakka for the same basic propellants (KNSU, for example) and there are many divergences. Basically, the results I obtain seem to be a bit random. When I add iron oxide to KNSU 65/35 OF, for example, the impulse reduces. I believe that the ProPep is not linked to the Pepcoded.daf data, since no ingredient has a code when I display the results (as shown on the picture attached).

Any idea why these codes are not appearing?

Thank you for the consideration.


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