How many flights do you have on your oldest Altimeter?

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How many flights do you have on your oldest ( stil functioning ) altimeter?

  • 1 - 10 Flights

  • 11 - 20

  • 21 - 35

  • 36 - 55

  • 56+

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Feb 23, 2009
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New Jersey
Just wondering how long an altimeter lasts on average?
Mine has to be my RRC2 Classic version 1 from 1999.
(serial number 336). It has well over 30 flights on it & probably had it's last ( at least for a little while) last weekend in my Bruiser. I was checking over the electronics package & noticed that the terminal strip was loose.... after further investigation the pin connectors were broken, also the on board battery connector has stress cracks in the solder joints holding it in place.

I voted "36-55" since my RRC2 (a "classic" with onboard battery, bought in about 1999 or 2000) was on its 36th flight when I lost the rocket. As far as I know, it was still in perfect condition - it certainly worked properly on that flight.

As for altimeters that I still have, I couldn't tell you. I have something like 4 MAWDs, and I imagine that one of them must have more than 10 flights on it, but I've switched them around from rocket to rocket and I don't know how much any of them have flown, individually.

I'll be very surprised if you don't get some people who report a LOT more flights on an altimeter. Used properly, I see no reason why one shouldn't last upwards of 100 flights, other than the fact that you're always fighting the gremlins.
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My very first alt....RRC2 on board battery holder, had 76 flights on it when I stopped keeping track. Bought in 2003. Sent back 2 for minor repairs, but still takes a lick'n and keeps on tick'n!

Just used it at ldrs in a Wildman xtreme to 14,000. Worked perfectly.

I think you will lose it or bp corrosion will kill it before it stops on it's own.

I ruined 1 other by leaving it in the rocket for months on end with out wiping out the BP residue from the tubes. Learned my lesson the hard way on that one.
But I live in the south where humidity can be 90-95 % for months on end.
RRC2 with onboard battery here, as well. Probably 35-40 flights is my guess.
I put 1-10, because I just got into electronics.

I've only done one flight with electronics, and that was only a test flight to see if everythng was working properly.
1st altimeter RCC2 for my Lvl2 at NyPower1. Brand new and it had a unsoldered connection for the main. Finding it was a fluke. Peter from PerfectFlite found it. Joel and crew let me use their soldering iron and trailer for power. A couple yrs later and about 20-30 flites, cored it in a Amraam w/piston ejection-yep. Altimeter is compressed in the aluminum CPR sleeve which sits on my desk.
My Perfectflite MAWD has over 25. I stopped counting at 25. It's flown into the ground once and survived. It also survived a shred at Mach 1.5. :clap:
my ARTS version 1
has about 15 flights on it.
it survived a mach1 plus shred at nerrf 2 and another flyer found it AFTER the farmer's tractor came by and disced the ground.

I've had to replace the output terminals once.
i also have a mawd that has about 10 plus flights too.
i have other altimeters that i rotated between flights. i'm starting to collect more data on flight performance lately so the plain ole'
max altitude ones don't fly that much.

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