How many flight computers do you have, per capita (rocket fleet)?

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Aug 31, 2010
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I got a MacPerformance Rayzor 3 for Christmas, and just ordered the hard bits to get this beauty to the flight line. While contemplating that list of extras (not much, that kit is a beaut!), I realized that I may be top-heavy on electronics for a few simple reasons, and wanted to level-set myself against the community. I'm a small-time flyer- I only have (with the latest addition) 6 HPR birds:
NoradPro Maxx (38mm) - Eggtimer Classic w/ WiFi Switch
Nuke Pro Max (38mm) - Eggtimer Quantum
MadCow AGM Pike (38mm) - Shared with Frenzy
MacPerformance Rayzor (54mm) - ? Currently nothing
Frenzy 4" (54mm) - Eggtimer classic with external switches and scads of external indicators (too many...looks cool, but really impractical)
Adventurer 3 (54mm) - Eggtimer classic w/ WiFi Switch

With the exception of the AGM Pike and the newest addition, the Rayzor, each bird has its own dedicated flight computer, as shown above. The Pike can use the Frenzy AV bay, which is packed full with a stupid amount of external indicators because I could. Each of the others have dedicated bays that can't be swapped.

For those of you like that, do you move the computer from bay to bay using a common layout, or do you just buy/build another device to add to your arsenal? So far I've had the foresight to include consistent connectors for the off board connections (switch, battery, deployment channels) and have kept those consistent from build to build, so I think I'm in a good place to re-use.

I should add, I'm not wealthy, I just love the Eggtimer line of equipment, and enjoy the builds very much. I would love to add another Quantum to my lineup, but feel that's probably overkill (I'm sure Cerving might disagree!).

I'm only ever flying one at a time, so I could get by with fewer, but my kids (x3, <12y/o) are usually at the prep table with me, and are asking questions that never came to them in the scores of hours we were together in my shop. Obviously, being distracted and missing a programming step is serious business, so I'm leaning towards biting the bullet and sacrificing a $40 motor in favor of another Quantum...unless anyone has been-there/done-that and can assure me swapping boards is not a big deal?
Enough altimeters to have 3 rockets prepped and ready to fly at launch.

That could be 4-8 altimeters depending on how large the rocket [some have 2 altimeters] or if a 2 stage is in the que.

I move them around accordingly between launches. Nice to have everything done & just have fun flying.
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I have 6 HPR birds and 5 altimeters: MAWD(3), Raven, and Marsa. Each rocket is a different diameter, and as such, each has a dedicated, unswappable bay. The Marsa is so damn big, it only fits in one of my rockets.

Altimeters are so cheap now, that it likely makes sense to put one in every rocket and leave it there. My swap time is more valuable. Also, at club launches, especially big ones, you only get a few chances to wait in the queue, launch, and retrieve. If you are fiddling with electronics all day, then you are killing precious time.

Some guys will chime in to this thread and say they have dual altimeters in every rocket. So, you are not overkilling anything with your plan to add another.
Just a rough count on Thrustcurve shows that between myself and Sharon, we have 10 single dual deploy rockets and 17 redundant dual deploy rockets. Early on in my HPR career, I learned the value of making an avbay with reliable components and leaving them intact. So we have at least 40 altimeters in 27 rockets.
After a 54mm minimum diameter rocket had an ematch fail at apogee, with the subsequent ballistic opening of the main chute, I learned that you actually can fit two altimeters into a 54mm avbay.
I'm still working on an inventory of my Eggfinders, it's already over 6, and might pass 10 when I get all the rocket N/C's opened up.
At a normal weekend launch, we fly a bunch of LPR/MPR class 1 rockets after we set up on Friday, 5 to 10 HPR on Saturday and whatever is left over on Sunday. Next weekend we are flying with the SSS at the Airfield site, taking about 30 rockets all prepped before we leave.
[Disclaimer: My input may not be the same as everyone else's... :)]
I ususally end up dedicating at least one to each build. Which one depends on what the build is... I have several redundant Quantum or Eggtimer + Quarks, a few single-deploy in the nose cone (ususally with a TRS so I can find the blasted thing later), a few small Quark-only builds, and several Quantum-only builds. I have a few test mules whose AV bays I always seem to be tearing up (my GL Escape Velocity is one for sure) but I would imagine that this is not something most people would do very much. There's a reason we have several different Eggtimer models... matching them to your intended purpose makes the build easier, and usually saves you money in the end.
I believe the count to be 5.

Missileworks RRC2 rev c
2 Missileworks RRC2+
1 Missileworks RRC3
Defy Gravity Control ( have not flown it yet)

Once some bills are paid likely pick up another RRC3, and possibly a Marsa.
I just have too many. I have one old AltAcc, a Raven, two G-Wiz, an Olsen timer, four or more RRC2s, two RRC3s (I really like Missileworks), a GPS Flight, and on the way an RTX. I might have a problem. Until I get some stuff better organized around here I'm not gonna order any more, but I'm interested in building an Eggfinder.
I'm sure I'm missing some.

Steve Shannon
Plenty for a weekend of flying. All my altimeters are mounted on a standard size sled that fits a 1/2" rod. All my HPR rockets have a 1/2" rod through the altimeter bay (wood, aluminum, or steel depending on the size of the rocket). I usually prep all rockets in the comfort of home before the launch.
I have one sled with 2 x Eggtimer Quantums plus an Eggfinder on it. It fits in any payload bay I have for my 3" to 8" rockets. The deployment wires have locking JST connectors, so I simply snap off the bulkhead, slide the sled into the new bay, and snap connect to the other bulkhead charge cannisters.

I also have a JL Chute Release for my smaller, simpler HRP rockets that use motor eject so I can do pseudo dual deploy on those.

Finally, I have one Stratologger CF I picked up a while back on a sale. It's still in the unopened package. I should find a use for it some time. But I really like the wireless arm/disarm of the Eggtimer Quantum. It shows me on my phone that I'm armed, have continuity, and what my deployment settings are. I like that verification before launching.

That all suits me well since most launches I attend have me putting up 2-6 LPR rockets with my younger kids, 2 MPR rockets with my older kids, something experimental scratch in LPR or MPR that I'm tinkering with, a simple L1 HPR with the chute release I scratch built with the wife, and I finish with one of my larger rockets (an I or a J) with electronic DD to wrap up the day. Wife records it all and cheers. Launches are a family affair.
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