How Low can you GO!?

Discussion in 'Low Power Rocketry (LPR)' started by jflis, Oct 12, 2002.

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    The thread in the "forum" forum (man, that makes yer head hurt... *S*) on "Low Power Rocketry" has kind of gone off topic (because of me, i suppose... *S*), so I thought I'd start a new thread in the correct forum...

    The other thread (for context) can be found here:


    I am a lover of "low power rocketry". I never get tired of it and am always looking for ways to explore new designs and methods with regard to LPR. Not to denegrate Mid and High. They're just not my thing (probably a cost issue... but also a launch field iissue...)

    Tell us about your extreems in LPR. Either in size (small, large) or complexity, mission, scale or detail.

    For a small extreem, here are some additional photos of my "fempto" line of scratch built models. All of these models have flown, using the ultra-small Czech motors that I obtained from Art Rose at Pearl River many years ago.

    I would LOVE to find a supplier who could make and certify these motors! They make the Quest MicroMaxx motors look like HPR! LOL

    Here's one pix showing a glider alongside the nozzle end of several motors. The motor on the left is a D, the right are the czech motors. 3rd from the right is the MicroMaxx motor.

    and here is a dup of the pic i posted in the other thread showing the same glider with some motors and components and a dime (for scale)

    I've attached a pic showing a fleet of 4 models in my hand along with a MicroMaxx motor and ignitor, so that you can see the size comparison. That Saturn V is a 1:1600 scale making it, bar none, the smallest flying scale saturn V ever built (streamer recovery, max altitude about 12 meters...)

    you can see more about these motors on my web page devoted to them at:

    so, what are YOUR LPR extreems??
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    Well, you beat me in this account. My smallest/lowest models involve the MMX II motors. MMX rockets now comprise ~20% of my 80 active models:

    MM-CTV/scratch/x3 cluster
    Push Me Pull You/scratch/x 2 cluster bi-copter
    Micro Maxx Flying Saucer/Art Applewhite/kit
    Micro Maxx Monocopter, Mark II/Art Applewhite/from plans
    BiC stic/Art Applewhite/kit
    Tomahawk Cruise Missile/Quest/RTF
    Cicada Killer/scratch/monocopter
    TLR002/scratch/tube launched
    Micro Slam Dunk/scratch/oddroc 'sputnik' style
    Micro Titan III C (MOL mockup)/scratch/semi scale
    My Little Cup Cake/scratch/saucer-style
    Nano V2/scratch/almost semi scale
    The Amazing Underperforming Mono-Nano-Copter/scratch

    Several of these are reviewed on EMRR.

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