How do you upload a motor into OR?

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Dec 5, 2013
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Friend sent me a motor file (.rse and .eng), and I thought I figured out how to get it into OR, but it isn't showing up. Here's what I did:

Go to Edit > Preferences > General

In the "User-defined thrust curves" box, click Add.

Select my .rse and .eng files.

Contents of box now looks like: C:\Users\batmi\AppData\Roaming\OpenRocket\ThrustCurves;C:\Users\batmi\Downloads\L-1300 WT.eng;C:\Users\batmi\Downloads\L-1300 WT.rse

Close and restart OR.

When I try to add the motor to the simulation, I cannot get it to appear in the list. What did I do wrong?

I've always just dropped the .eng file into the thrust curves folder in the location you show. Never tried to import it with open rocket itself.
As above, you just need to add a directory where your collection of eng files resides, not the individual files, and restart. It's much less cluttered.

A lot of times - for me anyway - the reason one won't show up is that I made a small error in the text of the eng file header. This happens as I edit the headers in the eng files from Burnsim to reflect what the thing is and make it easier when I try to find it in the list. I can send you one that I know works if you want.
Thanks. Turns out, I had done it a way that worked, but my friend needed to identify a few things for me about the motor so that I could find it. But I like your way better!