How do you add tailcone in rocksim

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Mar 14, 2017
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Olympia Washington
I just purchased a Madcow adventurer 3 and would like to install a aero pack tailcone engine retainer. I would like to sim it with it installed but I can't find it in rocksim data base and can't figure out how to to add it. I have done a number of searches but can't seem to find it. Keep in mind I'm not that computer literate and have only had rocksim for a short while. I also would like to add some different chutes to the database like Xform etc.
Add a transition of the correct outer dimensions, change the material to aluminum. Gradually ratchet up the wall thickness until the mass is approximately correct.
Well, either way, its added as a transition. It just happens to be larger in the front than the rear.
In case anyone still cares, start with a sim that has a tailcone on it.
There is probably one somewhere.
Then delete everything that you don't want.
I did a boat tail that way.