How bout a build thread?

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Jan 17, 2009
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Glad to see TRF up and running again!

A few weeks back, I completed construction on the fin can pictured below. In the process, I documented the build in text and photos so that others could build the same rocket if they so chose. The whole process is documented, start to finish. I hope that this build thread will show up elsewhere in a more user-friendly format, but if you would like to see it now, you can join the composite rockets Yahoo group at:

The build thread is in the Photos section under the folder "Jim's TooCarbYen Tutorial".

CompositeRockets has over 600 members and a ton of information on fiberglass and carbon fiber construction. Check it out.


Fincan Pic Small.jpg
Absolutely gorgeous as usual Jim.

I followed this build on the Yahoo list - excellent build, and about a hundred times more beautiful than I have yet managed with CF. Very nice :)