Hooray for Semroc!

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Jan 17, 2009
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I recently purchased a Hydra VII kit from Semroc, and cannot praise them highly enough. I had issues with Paypal believing I was me, and not someone else so I couldn't pay through the usual channels. The customer service folks at Semroc agreed to accept a money order and shipped the kit before they received my $$!! If only all merchants out there were that trusting!

The kit has already been discussed here, but I'll say it again: Wow, wow wow. :)

Better than Estes parts/directions/etc. Now... about painting all those fins and body bits.... :eek:

Originally posted by wingarcher
Now... about painting all those fins and body bits.... :eek:
I'm at that stage. Shes all built, and I'm just going round filling the gaps/spirals etc. With the size of the puppy, the cover-art shouldn't be too hard to achieve (or at least an acceptable approximation).

You've got a few days worth of building fun, infront of you, before you get to painting - and believe me, the building is fun, with this kit! :)

I'm with you on the kudos to Semroc's service - its second to none.