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dr wogz

Fly caster
Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
I've had this one ckiking around for a while..

i just finally pulled it out of the 'partially built / repair' box, and added it t teh queue. Added the upper tube, and added the recovery system. There was a tube fin near eh rear, that i should put back on..

(It's more of a bash that a scratch, as it was originally a Storm caster kit..)
Dude, that's an awful lot of "rocket snares" to be launching around.
You must either have nerves of steel
a very, very long "rocket retriever".
Wow, how often do you feed those trees?

Btw, nice looking builds.
Yes, it's a bad shot, without some explanation...

The main launch area is a large, fairly open soy / corn field just behind me.. I fly from my R/C feild.. I'm facing the small thicket of trees (and yes, they do bite, but only on teh od occasion) behind the feild.. this thicket, and another one are the only real worries..

I do LPR & MPR here.. And no, I don't launch from the table! but a table is soo nice to have to set up!! (Except for the oil patches from spilt fuel & oily exhaust!!)

This is where I launch from:

And, thanks to Mapquest & modern satalite technology: