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Dec 30, 2003
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just got my 3rd bullpup made.
this one is made from spare parts i had sitting around

its set up for a 18 mm motor

its made out of a bt-55
and is 14 inch. tall.
heres a few pics
hope you all enjoy them.

the decals are from the 24 mm bullpup i made 4-5 months ago.

to bad the Tree Gods got that one.
I converted my 24mm pup back to 18mm after nearly losing it on the first launch. That thing shot off the pad so fast I barely saw it launch! I hate when my rockets go so high that I can barely see them or lose track of them. I thought I lost it on that first launch as I saw It floating away in the distance, then lost sight of it. I looked for it for an hour then finally gave up and launched my 24mm fatboy again. I headed across the field to retrieve my fatboy and what do I walk right up to but my bullpup! I could not believe it, I actually thought it was someone elses rocket at first! It turns out that was the 12" chute by itself I was watching float away. Wow what a lucky brake, and the rocket didn't have one ounce of damage! by installing the 18mm mount, my pup has a an engine hook, I despise friction fitting.