Home weather station?

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I have a Davis wx setup, forget the exact model though. it has anemometer + direction, rain gauge, baro + humidity + temperature. generally Davis makes pretty high quality stuff - running fine for about 8 years.

when I installed it I calibrated the barometer to the local airport (~6 miles away) and it's tracked exactly ever since. I thought the computer download of data would be more fun than it actually is, YMMV as they say.

I have the Davis Instruments Monitor II setup.. Been running for over 10years so far.

- wind speed/dir

Mine is the "wired" model. Davis has a new wireless version called the
Vantage Pro II I think. It's also available in the "wired" version also.

I also found the PC data management Software from Davis to be somewhat anticlimatic till I picked up a 3rd party version from Ambient Weather .

Able to now up load my weather data to WeatherUnderGround for easier
webaccess .

Since my flying field is spitting distance from my backyard, this comes in handy when deciding whether to go launch rockets or not.