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Jan 17, 2009
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Well Buys and Girls, It's time to find out who's been naughty and who's been nice.

As far a I am concerned you all have been very nice, and deserve a great Christmas present. So is having a sale. And a HUGE one at that.

It's really simple Buy one set of decals and get a second set (of equal or lesser value) ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Zero ZIP Nada...

Just go on my website, find what you want (this includes anything on the website and even custom work) Contact me At [email protected] and tell me you want your free stuff!! easy as that.

To Kick this off, I have also added 10 new ready made decal sets to the website.

4 new Exotic Line sets...(scroll down the page to see them)

Star Blazer, Star Tracer
Nasa Pegasus and Alien Explorer

Plus 5 new Economy line decals (all starting at around $10)
Scroll down the page to see them

Apogee Aspire, ESTES WASP
Centrui Groove Tube, Estes Cougar and Stinger

Plus one more..

Nova Payloader

This Offer is only good until Dec 24th 2009 so act now before its gone!

As always our decals are made of 5 year sign quality Vinyl, so they will be sure to look great on your rocket for years!they are Easy to install and they are all covered by our crash protection warranty. so you have one less thing to worry about when you fly!

Thanks for looking and remember...

"Never Fly Naked"


Incomming order.....(I know I said no more till after the holidays.....but`s Christmas)

Thank you Paul, And everyone else. Please be patient with me. I am slammed with orders. so it's taking me a couple days to get them in the mail!