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Sold Hobbyline casings for sale

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Jan 18, 2009
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I have some AT and Monster Motor hobby line casings for sale.

The 18/20 that is complete is $35, the one w/o the forward closure is $25. If you live close buy (Fullerton, Ca.) you can have the motors for $10. If you buy both I will throw in the motors as a bonus.

The 24/40 are $50 each. The one looks beat up, but the closures work fine, no problems.

The 29/40-120 are $60 each. Again, the middle one looks rough, but is structurally sound.

These are all ready to fly. Shipping will be added. If you live locally you can come by and pick them up, or we can meet a local launch.

I'd also be willing to barter... looking for kits, motors, whatever you feel is a good exchange. DM me.

Thanks guys.


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Quick update...
The 2 monster motor casings have been spoken for
One additional 29/40-120 and possibly one 24/40
So that leaves:
2-18/20 (one w/o forward closure)
Another update:

Monster motors have been SOLD---

That's it so far ( there is interest in one 29/40-120) ..

I will give it a couple more days then they go on ebay....
Ok...All 29/40-120's have been SOLD

There are :

(2) 24/40
(2) 18/20 still left...
Thanks all who looked and bought. Everything purchased has been shipped. Im closing this down and moving on.

Thanks again everyone.