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Feb 2, 2004
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This Memorial day weekend we went to Austin TX to visit the in-laws. Just so happens I planned the trip to coincide with NSL 2004.

I finally went into a Hobby Lobby today. Got an outlander for $10.99.

Now if they only opened up some stores in Arizona.

Of course upon returning to my inlaw's house, My wife said: "Cool Rocket. I wanna build that one." I figured as much.
Dropped by my local Hobby Lobby to check on the Clearance & Rocketry aisles. I saw 3 Executioners marked down to around $25.00, but one was marked down to $14.66.

Again, I resisted the temptation to buy another kit, until I finish the three I have uncompleted.
14.66 for an Executioner...that would be impossible for me to pass up !.. I have 2 or 3 stashed away..but that wouldn't matter..heh