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Darian Rachal

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Jan 19, 2009
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The Alexandria HL moved to a bigger store, so I figured I'd better be on the lookout for some clearance sales. I noticed that some of the rocket stuff(particularly 5 packs of AT Econojet Fs) was not put up in the new store. I was told that all of that would be eventually on the clearance aisle.

I went back this morning to see what else was on clearance & "lo & behold" there was an AT Initiator Starter set(retail $190.00) in the aisle. God must be smiling upon me because it was marked down to the unbelievably LOOOOOW price of.............$36.66 :eek:

I noticed a Estes Saturn V that, I assume, will be on clearance. I think the Fs motors have not been unpacked.

Thank you Hobby Lobby :)
Originally posted by Darian Rachal
I went back this morning to see what else was on clearance & "lo & behold" there was an AT Initiator Starter set(retail $190.00) in the aisle. God must be smiling upon me because it was marked down to the unbelievably LOOOOOW price of.............$36.66 :eek:

Darian, if you tell us that you DIDN'T get the Initiator at that price I am going to send the people from the "funny farm" to get you!!!!
Yes Randy, I forced myself to part with the cash. :)
Blue Ninja, it's just the SU kit. Although, unless the motors are in the box(which I do not think they are), I don't think I can in good conscience ask them to give me a couple of Fs for free, even though I'm entitled to them. :cool:

Anyway, I've always liked the Initiator, even though I've never owned one. I guess I'll check back at HL Monday & see what other goodies they have.
Maybe I shouldn't mention this, but back a few months our local Hobby Lobby had the Initiator starter kit marked down to $19.95. No motors but where are you going to get a rocket like the Initiator, pad and launch controller for a price like that? I just wish they would have had more than one. No, I didn't leave it there either. You'll love the Initiator. It flies great and is pretty tough. The F40 is a perfect match for it.
Outstanding Darian.
I too got a deal like this, actually twice. I guess all HL's stopped carrying Aerotech stuff. I got my first Initiator kit for $25. It was marked down to 50 and during a half off sale. When the next half off sale came around, I went to a different HL in another nearby city, and they had the Initiator kit marked $22, so I got it for $11. Can you believe that? Only $11. Too bad they didn't have any Saturn's.
I built the first one right away since it was my first midpower and launched it on an F25 and absolutely loved it. The second one is still in its box.
Neither of them came with motors, but it was labeled on the box that there were no motors. Of course I didn't mind.

I envy you guys !!! we have 3 Hobby Lobbys within 45 min and all the Aerotech(motors,kits) have been cleared out long ago!!!

great deals for sure!!

*on a side note to all Middle Tennessee rocketeers.
A brand new Hobby lobby store is taking the place of the (relocating) Walmart in Hermitage Tn....!!!!
that brings the total to 4 stores within 45min of Downtown!!
scrapbooking must really be popular!
Why oh why was Tampa, FL not given a Hobby Lobby! Grrr! :mad:

Those sound like some steals. I'd snatch everything up and run out of the place as if I robbed it!
Originally posted by Darian Rachal
How's the launch pad? [/B]

The Mantis pad is ok for midpowered rockets. You need to be careful with the thing with the legs attached. They silde into plastic holders. If you step on it or push down on it you can break the plastic where the legs attach. The other weak point is the plastic angle do hicky, ( the thingy that changes the launch rod angle)it can be broken easily also.The interlock launch controller works great, but if you are going to use it with regular igniters instead of crapper......I mean copper heads you may want to put on a set of alligator clips instead......Larry
Built the Mantis today. That thing is Huge! Will probably be building the Interlock tomorrow, stripped one of the posts so I will have to CA the wire to the washer.
Larry, I've heard that people have gotten good results w/the Copperheads by splitting the end with the flame from a lighter & attaching the 2 clips to the ends. Have you tried this?
I have tried that a couple of times with mixed results. I think the way Aerotech packages them now is much better. They are straight and not bent over on themselves. If I use alligator clips I usually use the masking tape method. A small piece on each side then hook the clips up. Most of the time it works pretty well. Oh, I don't push the red nozzle cap on to tight either.
I bought my Initiator set last year at our local HL for 49.99, when they started clearing out all of the AT stuff. I kept the rocket, and sold the rest on ebay. Got 25 for the controller, and 50 for the Mantis pad!! It was like getting paid to keep the Initiator :)
I will be starting the Initiator today, after I do some research for school and finish the Interlock. I may post pics if I find the time.