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May 10, 2011
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I am unlucky enough NOT to have a hobby lobby near me:mad: . I was just thinkin how cool it'd be to put a 29MM motor mount in an Estes Phoenix. But it costs $22 from the cheapest place I could find. But I heard about people getting 4" Saturn Vs for $12 at HL, so I got wondering how much a 2.6" Phoenix would cost there.

So, has any lucky duck who has a HL near him seen a marked-down Estes Phoenix? If ya could, could you snatch it for me (if its under $15. If its over that, I might as well just buy it from some other place)? Id pay S&H, and whatever you paid for the kit. Again, only if its under $15, and after you make plans with me:rolleyes: . Just wondering if anyone would have the kindness in thier hearts to help a poor kid with low cash:rolleyes: ;)
Pre-shipping. Though if thats what it was including shipping, id be more than happy;)
I know your thread is more about finding a Phoenix for a good price, but...
I got a bad itch to put in a three 24mm cluster in an Estes Phoenix!
I think Thrustline Aerospace has got one that will feel real nice!
Sorry, but I am SURE you could fit more than 3 motors in that thing! Besides, wouldent it be better to have the same number of fins as you do motors (4 or 8, depending on what you call a fin)? Thrustline aerospace? I KNOW i have heard of them *somewhere*... But where?
oh yeah. Now I remember. Duh. Sorry.

But what does that have to do with a Phoenix?
Well, speaking of crazy clusters...

I think that you can put a single 24mm and SEVEN 18mm mounts in a BT-80 without having to use centering rings! You may want to replace the fins with basswood or lite ply if you do this, though! Would be a heckuva way to practice glassing and reinforcment skills for cheap! I'm actually planning on putting a single 24mm and 6 18mm motors in a Fat Boy...<insert evil laugh here>. I'll likely reinforce the body with 2 wraps of 1.5oz glass and tip to tip glassing on the basswood fins! That think would absolutely SCREAM! Yahoo! :D :D :D

LOL. I gotta see a video of *THAT* flight!:cool:

HMMM... 24MM and 7 18MM... Sounds good to me... I might have to try it!
Except, I haven't found deals quite as good as you are looking for.

There are about six HobLobs within 'reasonable' driving distance from me, and I have checked 'em all out. Only one of those stores has (had?) any Saturn V kits, and the regular price is $75-80. The best sale price I could get is half of that, and when you add shipping costs ($10-15?) it begins to get almost as expensive as just ordering from a mail-order vendor.

I sure would like to find a pile of those things for $12! I would get all they had at that rate!

I have not seen a Phoenix kit in the stores, ever. Not just in Hoblob, but in Michael's, W-mart, or any of the others. I don't know if they sell like hot-cakes or if the stores choose not to order them (they don't stock LOTS of stuff, you know). Otherwise I could 'stalk' one for you, if you wanted.

HobLob usually carries lots of beginner level stuff, at least around here. There are some skill level 2 and 3 kits, but nowhere near a complete line of merchandise like you see in the catalogs.
Well, $15 is half-off reg price, so if there was a 50% off sale, that would be enough.

I have heard the storys about hob lob... I have heard that they hide the bigger kits during thier really big sales. :rolleyes:

So if you see one (not likely, by the sounds of it), snag it. but you dont have to go searching all over the place. Dont go to too much bother.

BTW, theres only 4 skill level 3 kits that I know of (comanche 3, Phoenix, Echostar, and that funny thing that I think is called "darkstar" or "nightwing" or something like that).
Not to change the thread, but you can buy a Phoenix for $21 mail order.
I would just do that and be done with it.
Heck, order $75 worth of stuff(easier than you think) from AC Supply and they ship for free.

There's your Phoenix to your front door for only $6 more than you want to pay; with free shipping.
Not worth the trouble to do it any other way, IMO.
Neil...don't forget the new Level 3 Models...the SR-71, Outlander and Renegade...and they are all cool kits!

Those too. Yeah.

for a sec there, I thought you meant L3. But then I remembred that this was about skill level 3 kits... L3? 3 new kits? HMMMMMMM;) :D Yeah, those look like interesting kits. Cant say I really want any of them, though.
good luck...I clustered a phoenix....didnt work, did a loop and shredded.....I have a coupler more though that I can build eventually. Dude put some noseweight in it ;) ;)
Yeah, just lookin at those fins I can tell.... Im gonna need some more BBs!;)