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Dec 31, 2002
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Astrowolf67 gave us all a heads up on the Online coupon for Hobby Lobby, and I printed it off, and let it sit for a week.

My wife, who is building her own rocket called a Tres, wisked away my coupon, and came back from Hobby Lobby with a New Estes Renegade, and an Outlander for me this evening...I had totally planned on letting my coupon expire as I have had no time since Christmas to do any rocket activities. She blew me away with these gifts...does anyone else have a wife as cool as that?
Yes, I do!

Mine picks up rocket stuff when it's on sale all the time.

She always goes to the rocket aisle at Wal-Mart and Meijer and goes over to the nearest scanner and checks to see if something is on clearence and the store forgot to "mention" it.

Seems to happen a lot in the rocketry department.

My wife is also really good at stopping by the hobby shop and getting me "what I need" to complete a project.

Two Christmas's (sp?) ago, our local HL had just recieved a good stock of Saturn V's, and the larger V2's. They ran the sale at the first of December, and I got called in to work that Monday. She went on her lunch break, and came home with two Saturns, and two V2's!!! Got to love a woman like that :)

We just went back tonight, hoping to see the new kits hanging on the racks, but nothing. Still the same since Christmas. I figure they have the new kits, just waiting till after the sale to stock them. It's the first time I've walked in with a coupon, and left with nothing rocket related in a while. We did get some paints, and cleaners for our new airbrush though. I've just spent a couple of hours playing with it. Gonna take some practice......lots of practice!
At 1st glance through the bag of the Outlander, this kit is gonna rock! But I believe that someone had mentioned on another post, that it is too heavy for any "C" motors...

"...well thats a big 10-4..."

I think I will mod this one for High end Low power, with a 24mm mount for "D" motors, then I can fly it as well on Low end Midpower. E18, F12, F24 reloads.
My wife doesn't mind my hobby spending in the least. She figures that's my beer and cigarette money and keeps me out of bars. Last week my son and I went to Hobby Lobby with the online coupon and bought Stormcaster, Baby Bertha, Python 4, Guardian, CC Express, Viking, Antari, Trans Wing Super Glider, The Flash, Pip Squeak, Skywriter, and Patriot. This week we're having lots of rain. Perfect timing!!

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